UT System Co., Ltd.

What does UT System do?

UT System is a professional firm in ICT.
We are involved in the development of work applications and construction of server infrastructure.

UT System has 30 years of experience in software development for the ICT industry.
We have been innovating technologies with the same clients for 20-30 years and growing together with our employees.
Our business centers on development of work applications and construction of server infrastructure for major companies in Japan.

Aiming to become a professional in work applications

We provide support for the development of Web-based applications using JAVA and .NET, and the installation of ERP software such as Enhance, R/3, GRANDIT, etc. In UT System, you will have plenty of opportunities to accumulate knowledge and know-how to become a true professional.

For those aiming to become an IT strategist
You will acquire professional working knowledge as you will be involved not only in the development but the maintenance work as well. Become a pro who can propose solutions including requirement definitions to customers!

For those aiming to become a project manager
Those who are less keen in maintenance work can aim to become project managers by participating in a variety of development projects.

For those aiming to become an IT specialist
Those who like to create things can aim to become IT specialists by absorbing the latest technologies and design techniques.

Our professionals are actively engaged in the construction and application of server infrastructure.

For those aiming to become an IT specialist
You will be able to acquire a wide range of knowledge from the configuration design to the design, installation and maintenance of server and storage systems, DB and integrated system application management systems (e.g. JP1, TIVOLI).

For those aiming to become an IT service manager
We develop personnel who can take charge of application design and actual application (e.g. cluster definition and backup design, JOB design, and manual writing).

For those aiming to become a network specialist
Network system design and installation is becoming more important and advanced in the communication industry. At UT System, you can upgrade your skills while getting involved in cutting-edge technologies.

UT System’s four keywords

4 keywords have been cited by us in performing the actual work.

To understand client requirements and outstanding issues, and work effectively in a team

To be engaged in the issues and come up with a plenty of ideas

Quality & Speed
To insist on “quality” as professionals and “speed” to strictly adhere to the delivery schedule.