UT System Co., Ltd.

Reasons why UT System focuses on human resources

UT System is committed to develop talented and skillful human resources.

Dedicated on human resource development

UT System believes that talents that are desired for engineers include not only technical skills and creativity but also cooperativeness and communication skills, which is more important as a member of the society.
From new staff orientation to practical OJT, we coach the staff to understand the needs of the clients, propose solutions and take action.
During their private time, we encourage them to refine their senses by reading novels, appreciate paintings and watching movies, films, and looking at paintings along with gaining skills and qualifications.
As true accomplishments only come about from a sincere partnership with the client, we think that enhancing human richness is essential for a corporation.

We are professionals of ICT*

Clients are not professionals of ICT but we are. With a sense of being professionals of ICT, our staff attend in-house seminars and coordinate with each other so as to provide specific solutions and proposals to fulfill client needs.
We encourage our staff to acquire qualifications by teaching methods to pass national examinations such as Fundamental Information Technology Engineer Examination and providing financial reward to those who passed the exams.
*ICT: Information and Communication Technology

Secure long-term work environment

Our 20-30 year relationship of trust with clients enables us to provide our staff a secure work environment to settle down and fully engage in work.
We can also offer our talented staff challenging opportunities to gain trust from a new client, build a team, and make the foundation for the relationship for the next 10 and 20 years.
Twice a year we hold events for our employees to be more connected with each other.
There is a sense of camaraderie among our staff of different ranks and workplaces, and our senior employees take good care of younger ones.