UT System Co., Ltd.

Corporate policy

UT System aims for solutions that create "human capabilities".

System development for the people by the people

Construction of a new, pioneering system. As a business partner to help our clients realize that, our constant challenge is "how we can benefit the clients through innovation".
It is more important to provide speedy and simple solutions rather than boast of complex and advanced processing. Our solutions must contribute to our clients’ business success. Our role is to build systems that are human-friendly and that can bring about a revolution in the business scene.

Insistence on comprehensive manpower training

The disposition of an engineer considered as ideal by UT System includes first and foremost technical capabilities and a power of imagination, as well as an emphasis on self-awareness as a working adult e.g willingness to cooperate and communication skills.
Coaching is provided during the orientation for new staff and practical OJT to see to what extent the staff can precisely understand the needs of the customer, and to see whether the staff can propose solutions and take action. Raising the "human capabilities" of each individual staff is an obligation of a company since true accomplishments will no doubt only come about from a sincere partnership with the customer.

4 keywords cited by UT System

4 keywords have been cited by us in performing the actual work.
As mentioned previously, one of these is the communication ability to precisely understand customer requirements and current problem areas, and to demonstrate the power of teamwork. The second keyword relates to the ability to come up with plenty of ideas and to devote oneself to the issues.
Naturally, as professionals we also insist on quality and speed in order to strictly adhere to the delivery schedule.
These 4 keywords represent UT System's unflinching philosophy.